Hammonton now has a Seed Library!

What is a Seed Library?

  • Seed libraries across the country encourage residents to grow no-cost/low-cost nutritious food at home by providing seeds to individuals.
  • Growers of every skill level are invited to join the Hammonton Seed Library
  • Seeds from locally grown plants are better suited to our local soil and climate.

How does it work?

  • It’s simple! Check out our current selection of seeds.
  • Click on the ORDER SEEDS button.
  •  Choose up to 12 packets of seeds on the order form 
  • You do not need a library card or proof of Hammonton residence to be a part of the Seed Library.
  • Grow the plants and save some of their seeds.
  • Keep some seeds for yourself and give some back to the Seed Library for others to use.
  • Seeds from locally grown plants are better suited to our local soil and climate and can be more resistant to local pests and disease.

How much does it cost?

  • It’s free to everyone! The Seed Library began was started by the Hammonton Green Committee. It has been made possible from generous donations from seed companies including High Mowing, Baker’s Creek, Park’s Seeds, Seed Saver’s Exchange, Sow Right and Fedco Seeds, and donations from local gardeners.
  • The Seed Library will continue with sustained donations from growers who share their seeds with the community.

How can I learn to grow my own food?

Can I donate seeds?

  • Yes, please! The seed library is 100% supported by donations.
  • If you have seeds to donate; if you save seeds from your favorite veggies, herbs or flowers, share some back at the end of the season.
  • We accept open-pollinated seeds from plants in our area. When you donate seeds please include the name of the seeds, the year in which they were collected, the city in which they were collected, and your name. Please let us know if you prefer to not have your name listed on the seed packet.
  • Your local library or Extension Office will have information on proper seed saving techniques.

What kinds of seeds do you have at the Seed Library?

Here are just SOME of the amazing seeds we have to offer! See the document below for the full list. Copy your favorites and enter on the request form below. Choose your pickup location. That’s it!

What an amazing list!
New Seeds are added as they arrive! ORG notes if a seed is specified to be organic. Scroll through the options and use the form below to submit your order.