Denim Recycling

We are excited to offer our second Denim Recycling Collection at our Green Day Festival, October 1, 2022.

Last year we collected over 65 pounds of denim for the Blue Jeans Go Green recycling progam. To learn more, or to hold your own collection, read more below.

We’ve all got some! Jeans that have been waiting forever to be mended (not happening), frayed cutoffs, that outgrown jacket…your ripped and torn denim, can be sent off for a second life with the Blue Jeans Go Green program. 

Denim can be broken down to its natural state and transformed.
Being mostly made from cotton, a sustainable fiber, denim can be converted to natural cotton fiber insulation that is used in building efforts around the country. By diverting denim away from landfills, where it would otherwise join the millions of pounds of textiles thrown out every year, Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ program makes the world a little greener.

Recycle, repurpose, and repeat!
Any type of denim apparel may be recycled – jeans, jackets, shirts, skirts, and more. It can be colored, embellished and/or printed. The denim can also be in any condition – ripped, stained and even scraps. As long as it is at least 90% cotton with all paper and plastic removed, Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ program is able to repurpose the denim and put it to good use!