Buy Local Hammonton



It Helps Hammonton’s Economy & Lowers Taxes

According to the 3/50 Project, “For every $100 spent in a locally owned independent store, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenses. If you spend that in a national chain, only $43 stays here. Spend online and nothing comes here.”

It Shapes Our Character & Future

Local business owners invest in our town and help shape its growth. They are more likely to donate to local charities and organizations than large chains. (

It Helps the Environment & Our Well-being

Shopping local saves gas, promotes walking, and allows us the
opportunity to build relationships with our neighbors.


Look Local First

Many locally owned businesses can fulfill your shopping needs and wants from clothing to groceries to services like accounting, car repair, graphic design and more. Know what you’re looking to buy? Commit to looking locally before heading to the mall or a national chain. You may be surprised with what you’ll find!

Spread the word to family and friends!

Data from the 3/50 project and American Independent Business Alliance